About Us

At Holodek we buy, sell and manage property in Greece. 
If you wish to find a place to stay, or rent your property commercially,
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Tourist accommodation, corporate trips, real estate development and investment; we have you covered.  ​

Holodek brings to the world what we consider to be the best commercial properties in Athens and wider Greece. Mainly for short-term rent, but also as investments, we make deals on promising units that we fully manage ourselves. 

If you are looking to buy property in Greece, we offer several renovated apartments both furnished and empty, at the best prices on the market. 

At holodek, we are passionate about modernising living spaces in Greece and especially Athens.


We design and renovate properties that we find unique and valuable commercially. With our own construction crew, we closely manage the development of each property and make sure it offers added value to be placed in the short-rental market.


Owning land or property in Greece at the moment is a profitable investment with real estate prices steadily increasing over time.